Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tel Aviv Protests as tweeted by Joseph Dana (@ibnezra/!/ibnezra) on January 1-2, 2011

  • One person just suffered a broken finger in ni'ilin after clashes near the wall between protectors and soldiers. (15 hrs ago)
  • On the way to the demo in front of the defense ministry in tel aviv (12 hrs ago)
  • On the way to the demo in front of the defense ministry in tel aviv (13 hrs ago)
  • Police call the protest illegal. Welcome to israeli democacy (13 hrs ago)
  • Undercover cops arresting. Protesters are destroying a wall on the street in tel aviv. Police violence in tel aviv (13 hrs ago)
  • They have arrested a former meretz mk in tel aviv (13 hrs ago)
  • Blocking the road now. Major violence from the police (13 hrs ago)
  • Chaos about to erupt in tel aviv demo right now. 20 on the ground blocking the road (13 hrs ago)
  • Calm in the storm after a wave in arrests. Beatings for being in solidarity with bil'in (12 hrs ago)
  • The road (kaplan) is blocked now because of our actions. (12 hrs ago)
  • The police are attacking woman left and right. Full force police violence in tel aviv (12 hrs ago)
  • Arrest after arrest beating after beating in tel aviv. Road is blocked. We are resisting (12 hrs ago)
  • Sitting in the road chanting 'police state!' In tel aviv (12 hrs ago)
  • Even uri avnry is sitting in the road. The police only respond with beatings and arrests in tel aviv (12 hrs ago)
  • Major road has now been blocked for 30 mins and no one is going anywhere in tel aviv (12 hrs ago)
  • Around 10 arrested so far in tel aviv (12 hrs ago)
  • It now feels that the police think we will just leave. We are only getting stronger! (12 hrs ago)
  • Sara Beninga to cops" return the people you arrested and we will stop blocking the street." - @lisang retweeted by @ibnezra (12 hrs ago)
  • Another arrest in tel aviv as we stand (and sit) in solidarity with bil'in (12 hrs ago)
  • We protest in tel aviv in solidarity with bil'in and against the occupation. We block the streets as an act of civil disobedience (12 hrs ago)
  • Old and young we have blocked a main street for over an hour in tel aviv. No to murder! No to occupation! (12 hrs ago)
  • One  example of the undercover cops inside the protest. They will try to attack from the inside. (12 hrs ago)
  • From cairo to tel aviv to bilin, civil society in the middle east says no to exploitation! (12 hrs ago)
  • From cairo to tunisia to tel aviv. We say no more!! (12 hrs ago)
  • They just gave us five minutes to leave. Here comes the violence (12 hrs ago)
  • Eight arrested in tel aviv. We are now moving to the police station to be with those arrested. (11 hrs ago)
  • Sorry for the false alarm about upcoming police violence. We are moving to the police station now (11 hrs ago)
  • in rain outside the police station. Waiting for our friends (11 hrs ago)
  • Looks like it will be a long night.... (11 hrs ago)
  • Thank you to all my new followers. I am tweeting from the ground in the West Bank on a daily basis. Be sure to visit (9 hrs ago)
  • The 8 arrested tonight are now going into had been slapped during the arrest and the other has a cut on his face - retweeted from @almagdela by @ibnezra (10  hrs ago)
  • 'Investigation' for the eight arrested in tlv can last for hours. Most likely they will be out tomorrow morning. It will be a long night. (9 hrs ago)
  • Breaking news: Israeli demonstrators 'return' tear gas canisters to the house of us ambassador to Israel. One reported arrest. (8 hrs ago)
  • Five people arrested now in herzilya demo. Used tear gas canisters were returned to the home of the us ambassador to Israel (8 hrs ago)
  • Demonstrators demanded an end to us funding of Israel and israel's repression of nonviolence in the west bank (8 hrs ago)
  • all of those arrested from earlier demo in Tel Aviv have been released (8 hrs ago)
  • Israeli activist start a bds campaign telling the us ambassador to take home his tear gas canisters. End us military aid to israel (7 hrs ago)
  • Waiting to hear charges for activists who 'returned' spent tear gas canisters to us ambassador residence. Might take until morning to hear. (7 hrs ago)
  • The 9 arrested last night will be brought before a judge at 9 am local time (1 hr ago)
  • they are suspected of possession of firearms (related to tear gas projectiles) police told them that they would ask to extend their arrest. (1 hr ago)
  • 17 israelis were arrested last night in demonstration against the occupation and in soldiarity with the people of Bil'in. (54 minutes ago)
  • New post: Demonstrators ‘return’ tear gas canisters to US ambassador’s home  (53 minutes ago)
  • IDF claims molotov cocktails in bil'in ??? RT @: The people of Bil'in should win the Nobel Peace Prize.  (40 minutes ago)
  • The police are asking seven full days for the demonstrators to remain in Jail. (18 minutes ago)
  • The judge has extended the arrest of the 9 demonstrators who 'returned' tear gas canisters to the US by only TWO days. It will go to appeal. (2 minutes ago)

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Additional entries (January 2, 2011):

  • Now we have 11 arrested including two woman over sixty years old. They will be jail for days. This is what democracy looks like (posted at 3:40 am EST)
  • UPDATE 10:47: The arrest of the demonstrators has been extended for 48 hours (until Tuesday) charged with illegal demonstration... (9 hrs ago) - posting at 1:53 pm EST on January 2, 2011
  • resisting arrest because they locked up arms in order to be arrested together... (9 hrs ago)
  • and tossing spent tear gas canisters over the fence of the US ambassador's house. The court will convene on Tuesday for more debate (9 hrs ago)
  • Lisa Goldman's (@) report from the rally in Tel Aviv protesting the killing of Jawahar Abu Rahmah in Bili'in  (posted by @972magazine and retweeted by @ibnezra - 7 hrs ago)
  • Israeli protesters arrested near US ambassador home following Bil'in killing will remain in prison for another 48hrs  (7 hrs ago)
  • @ 1, You lie once more. IDF troops used gas even before the demo. 2. Proof, please. 3. What took you 2 days to find this out? (posted by @ygurvitz and retweeted by @ibnezra - 7 hrs ago)
  • Tel Aviv protest, the comic book version:  (posted by @972magazine and retweeted by @ibnezra - 3 hrs ago)

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