Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Royal S - Peuple Oublié (hommage à la #Palestine)

I just received a link to this song from @royalsmc via Twitter! Have a look at this video which was originally published by sellim at

Absolutely everything below is credited to and courtesy of Royal S (  I hope you like this song! I will certainly keep a lookout for more music from him! :)

Royal S - Peuple Oublié.
Hommage au peuple palestinien 2012.

Production musicale : Aby Prod.
Clip réalisé par : Alain Mercier.
Maquillage : mademoiselle Beka

English Translation:

That is for the forgotten faces who dies so young / those who have nothing exept the worst and who pray / the Johnny Mad Dog high at the front line at 14 years old /we think we are in crisis but they die and dream of our lives / even if our lives are sometimes Too Hot For TV / It's for the child soldiers / their present is in the weapons / their future is in the stars / I doesn't announce disaster / I suffer and I witness / I am far from demagogy / the freedom is my struggle / I condemn Illuminati / People we forgot their sadness is public/ tears are anonymous / they flow in Palestine / From Deir Yacine massacres to those of Jenin / genocide since 60 years / the uzi pace kills and stabs the future of people we forget ...

In the sea of despair forgotten people are drown / my power is positive/ one more stone in the building / Rage, blood, war, no peace, without nothing/no gold they have no choice they eat stone / I will not forget the bombs/ survivor childhood in Beirut City / Rage, blood, war, no peace, without nothing/no gold they have no choice they eat stonechoice they eat stone

People that we forget suffer and are depressed, they slowly disappear / they doesn't consume because the West oppresses them / the batteries of their hearts have need of alkaline /the militias doesn't beg and doesn't respect the rules / then wars are formed / and the dead are civilians /Forgotten people undergoes illuminati /we are victim of the new world order / war crimes never convicted like in Gaza / people are killed / the forgotten people it's me, you or him / he breathes in Beirut in destroyed buildings / he had the energy of despair in Palestine / colony are never dismantled since 48/ forgotten people / has no more life / ghettoized by the wall of neo-apartheid / a tribute and lot of help so they can lift up their head...