Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Continuous Updates from #freedomwaves (November 7-10, 2011)

#1: Those now released are Majd Kayyal (Palestinian from Haifa), Lina Attalah (Journalist from Egypt), Casey James (Journalist from the US), Aimane Zoubir (Journalist from Morocco), Captain George Klontzas (Greece), Captain Zacharias Stylianakis (Greece), Karen, and Jihan (from Democracy Now). 8 released of 27, leaving 19 still imprisoned. the ones on Tahrir were Majd, Lina, George, Karen and Jihan.


#2: Hassan Ghani's dad and family is working hard for his release, and Alexandra Lort Phillips has taken up his case, Hassan is still at Givon detention centre. It appears Israeli authorities wilfully mislead Canada Boat to Gaza lawyers by saying he wasn't. Hassan will now have access to the lawyers. Everyone including Hassan's colleagues in Turkey are working hard to honour Hassan's request to be deported to Turkey.

#3: CONFIRMED: US activist Kit Kittredge is presently on a plane to New York after being detained 72 hrs in Israeli prison

#4: Re: @Hassan_Ghani (tweets by his colleague from his timeline)

Salaam brothers and sisters. I'm Hassan's collegue and will update about his situation. #freedomwaves.

#HassanGhani had [been] allowed to call his family just for three minutes on Sunday and messaged his father just once today. #freedomwaves

#HassanGhani is a Scottish-raised London resident of Pakistani heritage remains in Israeli custody following violent illegal interception of Gaza-bound boats by Israeli military forces. #freedomwaves

He has been imprisoned since 4th November in Israeli custody, separated from his shipmates and cut off from his friends, family and work and has had all belongings, including his news gathering tools, equipment and news information stolen and probably trashed. #freedomwaves

They were in international waters the militarised state used force to surround, board and overwhelm the civilian passengers with aggression.

Using water cannon and taser weapons against the passengers before dragging the damaged vessels. #freedomwaves #hassanghani

Hassan refused attempts by the authorities there to get them to sign statements declaring they had entered Israel illegally. #freedomwaves

Hassan still held in Israeli prison. He asked to be deported to Turkey #freedomwaves #hassanghani

And please keep up lobbying and campaigning for Hassan Ghani, and all the abductees, immediate release. #freedomwaves #hassanghani

#5: via the FB Page of the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Our friends with the Irish boat, the Soairse have just provided this update: 2 embassy officials visited Irish crew today, Israeli kidnappers who are detaining them have refused them contact with their families. there is yet no definite release information, but the Irish supporters expect within the next 24 hours.  

#6: via the FB Page of the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Rrom IDF spokesperson admitting we had medical aid. MEDIA please correct all your past false statements. Israel and governments who are complicit: please retract your false statements. 

#7: via the FB Page of the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Apparently the Canadian Embassy is not visiting as regularly as the other Embassies. The prisoners confided this to their lawyer yesterday. Please relay the message that the Canadian political prisoners want more frequent visits. 

#8: via the FB Page of the Canadian Boat to Gaza

So now the IDF has admitted it has lied. We seek clarification on who the international partners are that they say they are working with to deliver the aid. Please let us know so we can follow up with them to corroborate your statements.

#9: via the FB Page of the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Michael Coleman remains detained in Israel. 'Free Gaza Australia" have today written an open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, which was sent also to Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. You can read the full letter here. Here is part of what they had to say: We demand the Australian Government takes immediate action, to:

1.   Pressure the Israeli government to unconditionally release and facilitate the safe return of Michael Coleman and all political prisoners.

2.   Demand the release of the Tahrir and Saoirse along with all personal property, as well as compensation for damages incurred by the act of piracy that the Israeli government committed on the high seas.

3.   Ensure that Israel ends its illegal blockade of Gaza to enable freedom of movement for people and goods.

#10: Breaking - Remaining two Canadians from Freedom Waves flotilla to Gaza to be released from Israeli prison TODAY. They are to arrive back in Toronto tomorrow a.m.

#11: Regarding Hassan Ghani - several updates

S.E on behalf of H.G: Message: “ I am fine. I believe they are trying to make an example of this group by making it harder for us to leave.”

S.E on behalf of H.G: Hassan confirmed that he had also seen a judge. 

S.E on behalf of H.G: Hassan's lawyer thinks he SHOULD be released in a couple of days. 

S.E on behalf of H.G: Hassan is allowed free association with other detainees. 

S.E on behalf of H.G: Hassan is in cell 11, block 5 of Givon Detention Centre near tel aviv. 

#12: Detainee Status (Canadian and Iris Delegates) via the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Remaining Canadians (David Heap and Ehab Lotayef) said to be released from Israeli jail TODAY. Home to Canada by tomorrow a.m. 

Irish delegates John Mallon, Pat Fitzgerald, Mags O'Brien, Zoe Lawler, Trevor Hogan & Fintan Lane arrive in Dublin tomorrow at 2:35 PM


#13: Status update on Michael Coleman from Australia

Michael is currently on a flight home! We salute you man for what you did!

#14: Status update on Hassan Ghani 

S.E. on behalf of @Hassan_Ghani: (FCO) Hassan is scheduled to depart Tel Aviv tonight and arrive in Istanbul tonight.

#15: Status update on the Irish delegates

Israeli authorities prevented the Irish delegates from boarding their flight as planned. All seven are now detained indefinitely with no further news available at this point in time.


~ Sofia Smith

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