Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Statement of the April 6th Youth Movement (translated by @PearlaSaber)

With belief in the seriousness of the present situation and the importance of the historical moment and out of our responsibility towards our nation and the blood of the martyrs of the revolution in recent events, which proved beyond any doubt the failure of the military council in the management of the transition period, and its involvement in the bloodshed of youth and its d collusion with the counter-revolution parties. We have seen that the volatile situation now invites us all to unite and forget all our party affiliations and intellectual differences and uphold the interests of the country.

We, April 6 Youth Movement, have decided to continue sit-in in Tahrir and in all governorates asking for the following:

First: transfer of management of the affairs of the country from the military council to a civilian presidential council of:

Dr. Abdel Moneim,
Aboul Fotouh,
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei,
Hazem Salah Abu Ismail,
and Zakaria Abdul Aziz, Advisor Representative of the Armed Forces.

And that the armed forces, represented in the military council, should go back to its core mission of protecting the country and that the Presidential Council shall take full responsibility for the former’s responsibilities before the people and the country.

Second: This civilian presidential Council shall form a government of national salvation authorized to manage the coming legislative elections And upon this, we are asking the masses of people to continue sitting-in Tharir to achieve these demands.

Signed by April 6 Youth Movement, Egyptian resistance movement on 22 nov 2011

If convinced, please sign the petition on the following link


~ reposted by Sofia Smith

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