Thursday, November 3, 2011

Act NOW and make Carleton University accountable for being a supporter of the Jewish National Fund (JNF)!

Please Help. Your Urgent Action Needed for this Time Sensitive Issue.

You may have heard that Carleton University is a supporter of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) Negev dinner in Ottawa on November 8 and also supported this event in 2010. This includes President Runte acting as one of its honorary co-chairs.

In that the JNF fundraises for projects that serve colonial purposes by displacing Palestinians from their hereditary lands, and then holds or develops them for the exclusive use of Jewish people, we are asking for your help, as individuals and organizations, to stop Carleton's complicity in this shameful practice. 

Please follow the link below and request that Carleton University withdraw its support for the November 8 JNF dinner, including the President's participation, and that it make its policies and processes concerning endorsement, support and sponsorship of events, activities and organizations more publicly transparent.

Please sign your name to the sample letter on the website and cut and paste it into the "comments" box or feel free to compose your own letter in that box. Information about the JNF can also be accessed from the website. 

Please forward this urgent notice to other individuals and organizations as well.

Let's make Carleton University accountable! Here is the link:

~ Sofia Smith

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