Monday, November 28, 2011

@MagButter recounting his detention & abuse by CSF

  1. In the coming tweets I'll tell u a brief of how I was detained and beaten up.
  2. I was w/ @monaeltahawy at Mohamed Mahmoud st, while the police is heavily shooting, a couple of persons in civilian clothes surrounded us...
  3. ..they pushed us aside 2 a nearby alley (bon appetite) claiming it's a better refuge, while they pushed us, 1 of them groped @monaeltahawy..
  4. ..@monaeltahawy slapped him & tried to beat him, while the other defended him, I tried to pull mona's arm & run from the shooting but..
  5. ..but they didnt let her ago & I heard her shouting "my phone, u animal," and in less than 10 seconds, csf surrounded us & pulled us apart..
  6. ..I didn't see @monaeltahawy since then. 5 soldiers surrounded me, beat me with batons all over my body w/ extra dose for my head, and...
  7. ..dragged me along M.Mahmoud st, 2 beating me with batons, 1 kicking me, 1 fingering my ass, 1 checking my pockets, till the end of the st..
  8. ..also kicking my balls. Then they handed me 2 a police officer, who also gave me a couple of punches. He dragged me along while I'm ...
  9. ..I'm screaming, bleeding like a fountain of blood. He asked me "where r u from", I answered "Alex"..he "no, u r not Egyptian, u r a spy"..
  10. ..Me "u can see my ID"..He "I dont see IDs u cant speak Arabic well" Me "my mouth/lips r severely beaten, I cant speak at all not only AR"..
  11. ..then he handed me to 2 solders, also kicked me in the chest. I saw many army offices, & cried for their help but they seemed happy..
  12. ..happy w/ my blood. 1 man in a civilian clothes came out of a crowd & stopped us, asked "what's going on here?".."they beat me up.."..
  13. ..He asked "where r u from?" Me.."Alex"..He.."Take him"..then they sent me to a kiosk where they put another 28 detainees among them a Dr..
  14. ..we were there past 2am, they collected everything we have & told us we will be released at 10am. I asked for medical help but, no answer..
  15. 8am, we were sent in the same car back to M.Mahmoud st. & set us free. but they didn't give us the stuff they took at the prison..
  16. ..while we r walking from the car to the protesters on the other side of the street, army soldiers greeted us calling us "heroes" !! and I..
  17. ..I met the same man in civilian clothes whom I saw the night b4. I asked "why u didn't help me?" "I don't recognize u" he smiled..
  18. ..I told him what happened, he apologized & hugged me. I asked about my phone as I need to call my family, He "I don't know who took it"..
  19. ..Me "How come u dont, I can recognize last night officer who was responsible of what happened" He "I don't know who were the soldiers"..
  20. ..Me "How come u dont know ur soldiers?" He "Come back later I'll find u ur phone" Me "I wont come later, I need to contact my family now"..
  21. ..he gave me his phone & offered 2 dial my family but I insisted on having mine. then I asked "who r u?" He "I'm major general Maher "..
  22. ..Me "police or army?", "police" Me "How can I reach u?" He "Here is my phone number ****, now u need to go" with a big smile on his face..
  23. ..I left, we didn't get our stuff back, they threw them among protester to claim that the protesters stole them and disappeared...
  24. ..I went to the field hospital, I got 5 stitches in my forehead, 3 beside my eye, and lots of bruises all over my body & endless chest pain.
  25. Worst thing, they beat me b4 they accuse me of anything. no interrogation, no accusations, nothing! the only question was "where r u from?"
  26. As @MagButter points out, we were entrapped by bastard plain clothes security/thugs
  27. I can't go to #tahrir or #Smouha in the coming weeks, I beg everyone who's reading this to head there instead of me because u might be next.
  28. U r free to copy, compile, republish, blog, or print my tweets regarding what happened to me last week.

    ~ reposted by Sofia Smith

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