Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution

The text below was originally posted by the Words for Women from the Egyptian Revolution at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/HerstoryEgypt?sk=info


We are a group of independent film-makers and activists who are working to document the participation of women in the Egyptian Revolution. We are hoping to fund raise for a website that will be featuring two short-videos per week for a period of 6 months, in addition to the video-production costs and the equipment we lack.

The first 3-months will be focusing on Cairo and the nearby cities and towns... (i.e. Alexandria, Ismaeliah, Suez..etc.) and the second phase will be covering rural and peripheral cities, towns and villages.

This project intends to shed the light on the participation of women in the Egyptian revolution and to document their experiences as part of the historical memory. It is also a tool for women empowerment everywhere and a source for researchers, students and everyone interested in the matter.

The participation of women in the Egyptian revolution didn’t come as a surprise to us, nor do we view it as an extraordinary phenomenon. Women are part of every society and form a part of the social, political and economical spectrum. It is history that tends in most cases to ostracize the participation of women and keep them in the shadow while highlighting the participation of men and attributing leading roles exclusively to them. This is why we are documenting Herstory.

The investigation for the filming aspires to cover a variety of women from all spectrums of the Egyptian society and different regions in Egypt. The investigation will be continuous and work hand in hand with the filming crew. Our objective is to produce a minimum of two messages per week and make them available on the website as soon as they are done. So far the videos will be subtitled in English and Spanish, and we are working on covering other languages.

Each short video will be similar to a "profile" of each woman: her life/work before the revolution, her participation in the revolution and where she and her work stand today.

As soon as we get enough funding to cover the initial expenses of the equipment, website and first month, we will be posting two videos per week for everyone to share and use.

This is a low-budget production that is independent and under a Creative Commons License.

Your help and support is highly needed and appreciated... SIMPLY WE CAN´T DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP


If you would like to see some of the ourstanding work this group has already done, please view the three trailers that have been included below!

Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution - Sanaa Seif (trailer). Posted by LeilZahra at http://youtu.be/w8L3FTMyIaU.

Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution - Mona Hussein (Trailer). Posted by LeilZahra at http://youtu.be/PfTAiHuaGbI.

Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution - Hanan Sadek (Trailer). Posted by LailZahra at http://youtu.be/h2B9y7JcXVk.

Donations to support this very worthwhile project can be made at http://www.indiegogo.com/herstory-egypt.

~ posted with permission by Words of Women from the Egyptian Revolution by Sofia Smith

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