Monday, August 8, 2011

The Truth About War - Who Are The Real Terrorists?

Watching this video killed me on the inside. I know what's going on. But seeing it like this is another thing entirely.

The level of anger that I feel watching and listening to what these former solders did...what they are confessing not good. I'm glad these soldiers realized what they did was wrong. But they were the real terrorists while in Iraq and the occupation is as one former video in this soldier states is the real terrorism. This video abtly summarizes what this so-called liberation was really all about. It was and continues to be a war for oil! Nothing more and nothing less. 

Because of what the US government has and continues to do and the way the country is manipulated and the way the people of Iraq are abused, countles people, people like my uncle are dead! #A7A

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~ Sofia Smith

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