Sunday, August 21, 2011

Please walk and fight with me!

This short piece was written as a Facebook post to an audience that is in part not necessarily as well versed politically speaking as the Twitter/blogging audience is. My Facebook page started off as a family oriented page and has now fully grown into one that is heavy on the polticial end of things...but's a different scenario. Thus the slight difference in writing style. Regardless, I hope you all like what I had to say just before going to sleep.

Sofia Smith


I am sitting here thinking about writing another novel..feeling pretty tired. I'm prone to stream of consciousness writing. Today was a massive day. Gaza was once again pummeled with rockets and the like. Once again children died. It kills me. Libya is seeing a possible end to the war there and an end to the Gaddafi era (let's not talk about what the NATO presence and incursion prior to today means - I'm no fan of NATO...enough said), Egypt is celebrating its #Flagman with renewed hope. Israel has attacked Egypt's border with F16s...Syria is still a bloody mess...I'm so tired I'm forgetting things. But it needs to be written down. 

This world is a mess. But there is hope. There is much spirit, belief, work and fighting being done by the people on behalf of the people. And it will continue. But I needed to pause and capture this...we need to pay attention more in the West. We need to stand up for what is right. We need to not fear the powers that be and go with our heads through the wall if necessary (a practice I'm all to familiar with as my nature is...well, shall we say I'm somewhat defiant and have a hard time seeing grey zones), we need to just do it. Walk it. Climb it. Fight it. And basically get off our asses and make the world hear and act! Otherwise nothing will ever change.

People have asked me why I do what I do. That's why! If we don't act, as individuals or as a people, nothing will ever change! I act for Palestine! Despite having a young son, a husband and a life here. It's also because I now stand with each of my feet in a different part of the world. I know who I am now and what I have to do. And I'll do it. Please walk and fight with me. Many of you have no idea how important it is!

Good night everyone!

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  1. Ain't gonna let nobody turn me round,
    Gonna keep on talkin', keep on walkin'
    Til Palestine is free!