Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some day #Israelis will remember with great shame...

Some day Israelis will remember with great shame what they allowed to happen to Palestinian children!

Someday Israelis will remember with shame that what they allowed to happen to Palestinians is not so different from what happened during the holocaust!

This is Israel: regular violations of the UN convention on the rights of the child, collective punishment, ghettoization of Palestinians, pre-emptive attacks on a civilian population that did NOTHING to deserve this! Unwarranted incarceration of minors and adults, torture and murder!

Right, there is still land theft, colonization and God knows what to add to that list! I have news for you Israel! Arab lives matter!

So here is what it all burns down to! All life is of equal value. All children are to be cherished and protected! Colonization, murder, Apartheid make Israel into the pariah state that it is! And it will END! Sooner hopefully rather than later, but it will END! It has to!

Because all life is of equal value - no matter whose life. And children are to be cherished and protected. 

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