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Christian PM’s receive a catch up by Palestinian Hater Itamar Marcus ~ by @abuPessoptimist

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Director Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch together with the hysterica Pamela Geller (blog: Atlas shrugs) at a conference of leading Islamophobes and haters of Palestinians (including Dutch politician  Wilders) in 2008 in Israel
It is increasingly clear that we have a representative seated in the Second Chamber  in The Hague, or maybe more than one, of Christians for Israel. The group of Christian Zionists in the Netherlands, whol deliver bulbs of flowers as a sign of friendship to the worst criminals in Israeli settlers. Who are in support of the Israeli settlement program and are against any form of Palestinian resistance – including nonviolent resistance, including boycott of goods from the settlements and even denounce Israeli injustice against Palestinian civilians – which they regards as Palestinian incitement, if not Palestinian ‘antisemitism’.
How does that become clear? For example by the following invitation sent by MP Voordewind (ChristenUie) on Jan 24, 2012 to a number of members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs:
On behalf of Joel Voordewind I invite you to come for discussion on the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the glorification of terrorism. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly we would like to discuss the motion adopted van der Staaij / Voordewind on the Palestinian Authority and the glorification of terrorism. A good example is the continuing payments from the PA to convicted terrorists in Israeli jails. During the budget debate we tried – in vain – to move  Minister Rosenthal  to move the PA to stop these payments. Secondly, Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch came to the Netherlands especially for the event for the presentation of his book ‘Deception’. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, February 1st from 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m
For those who do not know who Itamar Marcus: he is primarily a settler. He lives in Efrat settlement built on land that was taken away from the (predominantly Christian) Palestinian village of Al-Khadr, near Bethlehem. He is a former employee of the Israeli security service Shin Bet, and former associate of Netanyahu, but above all the director of Palestinian Media Watch (PMW-PalWatch) that he founded in 1996. PMW has since been responsible for a stream of videos and publications which suppose to show proof of the unreliable, lying, murderous anti-Semitic character of Palestinians. And not to forget their glorification of terrorism, a common used expression by the PMW, who unthinkingly is being adopted by the Christians for Israel among our MPs.

Not so long ago I wrote under the title ” A life in service of slandering the Palestinians “ a long piece about Itamar Marcus. In this post I stated that Mark is not only extremely biased, but totally unreliable. For exmaple he  keeps beating the drums about school textbooks in the Palestinian territories with which  anything would be wrong. In reality, a number of years ago, a whole new curriculum has been drafted, even including with help of the Dutch government, on which absolutely nothing is to criticize about. He gives numerous examples of aid that the Palestinian Authority grants to “terrorists” in Israeli captivity, in which he not only recalls  unreliable numbers (see the answers to recent parliamentary questions by Minister Rosenthal) but completely ignores the fact that all these ‘terrorists’ have been trialed by Israeli military courts based on laws which are totally unrelated to an acceptable legal system, so actually their punishment in many cases, do not pass the test of criticism they might  encounter.

It is of no use to repeat my piece as mentioned above. The bottom line is: There are definitely occasions in which some faults of Palestinian expressions (just as it is almost daily the case with Israeli acts against Palestinians). But Itamar Marcus intended goal is to make the Palestinians as black as possible and his openly Islamophobic attitude, is a totally unreliable and even morally unacceptable source.

But there are still two additions to give on what I wrote earlier. These include major sponsors of PMW. One is them is the Michael Cherney Foundation , named after its chairman, the in Uzbekistan born Israeli Michael Cherney. Cheney is wanted by Interpol  for involvement in large-scale money laundering operations in Spain. Wikipedia gives a long list of evidence that Cheey (also known Chenoy) was involved , and presumably also in affairs of the Russian mafia. Aside from this his name is mentioned in the case Israeli judiciary prepares against  Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. He allegedly would have bribed Lieberman, who is a friend of his.  (Perhaps it is possible the Christian Union makes some inquiries on these issues with Marcus? Or perhaps to ask  parliamentary questions?)

The other sponsor is the Central Fund for Israel, which includes projects (including security projects, whereby we must think of armed guards, electrified fences and perhaps even specially trained attack dogs) in the Israeli settlements funds and, according to an article in the New York Times, also is used by Israeli settlers to flow out tax free  money which by detour is being refunded to them again.
And by this man, MPs (including Minister Rosenthal, see my previous article about PMW) allow themselves to be guided.  Worth mentioning:  Marcus gives a lecture for Christians for Israel in Nijkerk tomorrow.
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