Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Please support @CarlosLatuff & those targeted by slander for their pro-#Palestinian activism

This week has been an interesting week for those of us who stand in solidarity with Palestinians and against Israeli apartheid. In my opinion, the internet has always been an interesting place in the battle for human rights. I am very aware of and monitor the trends or approaches that are being this battle of right vs. wrong. I personally stand for human rights for all! And I stand against apartheid in all its incarnations wherever it occurs on this planet!

The reason that I am personally writing this blog post is because of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's recent release of their Top Ten Anti-Semitic List ( Carlos Latuff, a renowned Brazilian cartoonist who has been very active in the struggle for Palestinian human rights, places third on this list.

Although the cartoon included in this blog post humorously depicts the listing as a form of award for speaking the truth, the Wiesenthal Center's treatment of individuals like Latuff amounts to no more than baseless slander and defamation. 

Latuff shows it how it truly is. His cartoons are worth a thousand words. They speak to the heart and the mind. Thus the vitriolic nature of the slander against Latuff and those who speak out like he does. 

As a result I am asking you, the readers, to please sign the petition below. Speak for human rights and against the manipulation of language. Please support Latuff and speak out against the slander of good people who stand for what is right. 

Zionism is not Judaisim and it is not anti-semitic to criticize Israeli apartheid practices against Palestinians! 

Please stand up for those that speak out for Palestine! 


For those of you who do not speak Portuguese, below is the text of the petition for your review.

In December 2012, the Simon Wiesenthal Center published a ranking of the "top ten anti-Semites of the world", citing me, the cartoonist Carlos Latuff, as third on the list for cartoons I made against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel's bombing of Gaza . This organizations and individuals try to associate legitimate criticism of the state of Israel with hatred of Jews. Figures such as writer José Saramago, the Nobel Peace Prize Desmond Tutu and former President Jimmy Carter has been accused of anti-semitism in regard to their positions  regarding the conflict in Palestine. Enough of trying to silence the voice of those who stand up against apartheid imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people. The label of anti-semitism can not and should not be used as a political tool. If you are against this manipulation, please sign the petition!

Translation of Portuguese headings in the petition for English speakers:

E-mail - same
Nome - Name
País - Country
Código postal - Postal code

Country names of possible use:

Alemanha - Germany
Canadá - Canada
Egito - Egypt
Espanha - Spain
França - France
Itália - Italy
Reino Unido - England/UK 
Rússia - Russia

~ by Sofia Smith

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