Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Struggles Past and Present Connect!

Khaled Said's portrait on the Berlin wall painted by Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case, 2011
(The writing above says: "Khaled's rights are Egypt's rights" written by Zahraa Kassem
The writing below says: "We are all Khaled Said", calligraphy by Mohamed Gaber

Translation of writings posted by @Gue3bara)

For those of you that don't know, this is one of the sections of the wall that used to separate the two Germanies. Walls...Apartheid walls...we got rid of this one! The Egyptians got rid of the wall in front of the Israeli embassy...it is time to get rid of that horrid, dehumanizing, descriminatory Israeli Apartheid wall surrounding Gaza.

But we must not solely focus on the tangible. The illegal blockade on Gaza represents another such wall! You can't see it, but Gazan's can feel it, experience it...suffer by it! It imprisons and subjects Gazans to human rights violations and renders an entire civilian population victim to any and all abuses by Israel and to the violent colonizing aspirations of it's so-called settlers! These atrocious conditions must end!

So what pamphlets are dropped prior to attacks? Where are people supposed to go and hide? They live in an open air concentration camp! Some object to my use of this term. I don't care. I will call the devil by his name if I see him! And I see him in this current incarnation!

Walls of the mind are another such problem. When the world does not see...does not search out the truth! When mainstream media outlets silence the truth! This too must end!


~ Sofia Smith

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