Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Collection of Videos from May 15th, 2011 Nakba Commemorations/Protests

Egyptians show solidarity with Palestine ahead of Third Intifada

Originally posted by AhramOnline at http://youtu.be/KVQxs0CIcYI

Palestinians break Syrian border on day of protests

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جولاني: مسيرة النكبة في الجولان

Originally posted by nabeehawidat at http://youtu.be/Dcboe0RlOqM 

Qalandia - Nakba-day 15-5-11

Originally posted by yisraelpnm at http://youtu.be/buGYv35X1yE

Bloodshed on Israeli-Lebanese border

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فيديو عبور الفلسطينيين الى مجدل شمس

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Attef Yehyia Ibrahim: Shot by #EgyArmy (Cairo)

Police attack at Israeli Embassy (Cairo)

Originally posted by @Gsquare86 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7sGuPjDddU&NR=1
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