Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not quite gone yet...

Not quite gone yet. I just watched a video again. Saw it recently already so I won't repost it again. But what comes to my tired tired tired mind while I watch these soldiers shoot toxic gases at Palestinians who are taking down that miserable fence...that wall...is how the world has become blind to the plight of an entire people.

The placement of an entire people into a ghetto. A concentration camp if you will. I am writing this. These are my thoughts. It is a concentration camp! Not the same as in WWII, but it is what it is! Where children and parents are hurt, incarcerated, tortured at will. Where the laws do not apply. Where no human rights exist in the context the rest of the world takes for granted. A place the world ignores because of stolen toxic labels. That scare people into inaction.

Anti-semitic! The word. The weapon. It works well on many. NOT ON ME! NOT ON US HERE. But it paralizes the world with fear. This has to stop! NOW! YESTERDAY! A very long time ago! Because of this label, this fear, because of this history, that hangs like a banner over everything, there is inaction. And globally a blind eye is turned. It is ugly. As ugly as the past was. Maybe uglier because lessons should have been learned. Maybe they were learned too well.

It makes me sad. And angry. Which hopefully leads to action. It does for me. Just not right now. Now I sleep! Good night all!

~Sofia Smith

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